Come to the Table


It began as a vision to sustain our century-old family ranch. Over time, the Carman Ranch family grew to include some of the West Coast's most respected producers and discerning chefs. Today, after producing exceptional grassfed beef for nearly two decades, we’re extending an invitation to anyone who believes the food we eat has the power to change our world.

And it all begins at the dinner table.

We gather at the table not just to eat, but to engage.  We believe in the promise and possibility of the future in a sometimes chaotic and uncertain present. Surrounded by family and friends, eating delicious food in a joyful atmosphere, we have the power to heal and nourish ourselves.

At our table, conversations are nuanced and real. Solutions aren’t black and white; they require imagination. Our table is the antidote to isolation and everything that overwhelms our busy lives. It is the best place to plant the seeds of something larger, lasting.  

Join us. There’s a seat for you.