About Us

Spurred by a vision to sustain our century-old family ranch, Carman Ranch has grown in the last two decades to include a small group of the West Coast's most respected producers. We are family ranchers focused on building soil and sequestering carbon while producing exceptional grassfed beef. And we believe that the food we grow, and the way we grow it, has the power to change our world.

Healthy and complex soil is the basis for all life. It supports the nutrient-rich forage our animals graze throughout their wholesome, stress-free lives. In turn, they help sequester carbon, fertilize pastures and renew grasslands. And they nourish us. Not only is the meat from our animals highly nutritious, its flavor is unsurpassed, and deeply satisfying.  

It’s a virtuous cycle that results in superior nutrition, strong rural communities,  delicious food and a better planet.


And it all begins at the dinner table.