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A Message from Our Founder

Our customers have supported us for years knowing they’re investing in soil health and benefiting from the nutrition of the animals raised on the forage grown in that soil. We started Carman Ranch with a focus on raising cattle that spend their entire lives on forage, and don’t go to a feedlot. When we couldn’t meet demand for our beef, we expanded our production by working with like-minded ranchers. Today, our ability to produce year-round grass-fed beef is thanks to a diverse group of farmers and ranchers – a total of 9 of us spanning 220,000 acres that extends from Oregon to Washington and Montana. We’re a close-knit group united by our shared commitment to land stewardship and soil health (and a pretty good sense of humor!).

Earning Regenified certification honors our shared commitments. Carman Ranch beef is at the crux of our learning process because our livestock are critical to improving soil health. Their grazing connects us all. Over the past decade, we’ve worked collectively to grow and learn while adopting distinct practices on our own. We’ve all made the extra investment in building the health of our land because of a shared commitment to continual learning and improvement, and a sense of accountability to the eaters who support our work by buying our beef. 

About Certification

Earning Regenified certification was a rigorous process and made possible thanks to the encouragement and support of New Seasons Market. Regenified audited each rancher and farmer individually, respectful of specific constraints and opportunities related to the land, expertise and existing practices. While the audit process helped assess our individual farm plans, and soil tests shed light on areas for improvement, it also recognized the regenerative practices already in place: creating more water holding capacity, using cattle to add fertility to crop rotations, reducing and eliminating tillage, and intensifying our grazing rotations to promote longer rest periods. And while we are thrilled to be the first company in the world to receive this recognition, we’re really just getting started. The verification is both an acknowledgement of what we’ve accomplished and shines a light on all the things we can keep doing to make our land more resilient and diverse, and our beef more flavorful and healthful. It inspires us to take our efforts to the next level.

A Commitment to Continual Improvement

As we are increasingly impacted by the climate crisis, we’ve come to recognize the role of agriculture in causing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as land degradation, loss of biodiversity, overuse of water use, and the loss of nutrient density in our food. With everything at stake, we have an imperative not to just to stop degradation, we have to reverse it.

That’s what regenerative agriculture is all about—managing the land in such a way that we can grow food and improve soil health.  By incorporating basic principles of soil health,( like minimizing disturbance), in our management practices, and integrating livestock, we can create measurable improvements around soil health, water and biodiversity. 

At Carman Ranch Provisions, this work on the land has been the focus of our company for decades. Our producer group’s commitment to the health of the land is clear and strong, as is our commitment to improvements as a group. We believe that amazing things can happen when we make the health of the land the focus of our business -- productive pastures filled with diverse plant species, healthy and happy cattle grazing forage, and delicious beef raised for eaters who value personal health and the vitality of their region. 

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