Diamond Cross Ranch


Located in southeastern Montana's Tongue River Valley, Diamond Cross Ranch stands on a collective 122,000 acres of diverse topography ranging from mountainous terrain to lush meadows. The expanse of land, which has been parceled out into 98 pastures of between 20 and 7500 acres each, means the Diamond Cross crew spend a fair amount of time on horseback, combining low stress livestock handling techniques and authentic western culture to move cattle between pastures.

One thousand acres of irrigated meadow produces 4-1/2 tons of grass alfalfa hay annually, or enough to supplement the winter feed for 1800 head of Black Angus cattle. In the spring and fall, 900 acres of dry land hay feed 200 to 300 replacement heifers and for calves pre and post weaning.

Since 2017, the crew has planted a variety of forage crops in the irrigated meadows with the goal of increasing plant diversity and the vitality of the soil, and promoting the well-being of animals. Montana is known for its hardy grass and cool water, scenic views and abundant life, all resources Diamond Cross works diligently to protect and enhance.

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