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Cory Carman, Carman Ranch

Cory Carman is a 4th generation rancher & a next-generation thinker, having reimagined & restructured Carman Ranch to meet the modern needs of environmental & nutritional health; animal welfare; and all while building sustainable communities in the process.

Fritz Weinhard brought the first Hereford cows to his family’s ranch in Wallowa in 1935.   Today, the mother cows on Carman Ranch are direct descendants of those early animals.  Each one pastured raised, grassfed & grass-finished along the parcels of rolling prairie, at the base of the Wallowa Mountains in remote Northeastern Oregon, under the watchful eye of Fritz’s great granddaughter, Cory Carman.  

But it hadn’t always been the case.  While the cattles' lineage may have been a constant, the process of raising cattle had shifted greatly over the century.   Shrinking profit margins for ranches resulted in decision-making which encouraged soil depletion & the final product, a less-than-nutritious cut of grain-fed beef.

Returning to her family’ s ranch in 2003 after earning a degree in Environmental Policy from Stanford & a brief stint working in DC, Cory realized that the time to transform the family’s ranch was now.  She delved deep into holistic, regenerative agricultural practices and continued her own education into how to reform Carman Ranch’s process.  Fifteen years later, the result is a stellar example of stellar ranching progress, offering grassfed & grass-finished beef, investing in soil health & garnering increased support from surrounding ranches.  

Cory Carman continues to evolve and expand her vision for Carman Ranch.  With the Home Delivery program, Carman Ranch Direct offers you a 'space at the table', a chance to become part of this restorative process—building soil; building health; building community.  

We think you'll be thrilled to learn just how delicious all this great work tastes.