The Barrett Box
The Barrett Box
The Barrett Box
The Barrett Box

The Barrett Box

Barrett's Box includes 5-pounds seasonal Day Boat seafood, including Pacific albacore, black cod, rockfish and smoked sablefish, packaged individually in approximately 7 quick-frozen 12-ounce fillets  

Barrett is a life long fisherman. What began as a hobby before he was old enough to not remember doing it led Barrett to pursue a degree in fisheries science, and work as a guide in places as far flung as Russia, Alaska and the Florida Keys.

Though his family has roots in Alaska's salmon industry, Barrett came to commercial fishing through an interest in and commitment to conservation that stems from his own early experience in the industry. Joining Tre-Fin was the next step in Barrett's journey to support the most sustainable hook and line fisheries in the Pacific Northwest, and his dedication to ensuring that a larger portion of the value of each fish ends up in the hands of the small boat and independent fisherman who caught it.  


Tre-Fin is a small commercial day boat fisher based in Ilwaco, Washington. The company is committed to using sustainable fishing practices to upend the way the industry operates, and deliver the highest-quality, traceable seafood available. Because frozen fish is a better option--for fisheries, fishers, the environment and eaters--Tre-Fin's mission is to shift seafood industry practices by proving the viability of this model. 

The team started as albacore fishers (they're the only registered Day Boat tuna fisher in the region) bringing hook and line-caught juvenile Pacific albacore back to port within 24 hours for processing in their own facility. In 2018, they outfitted their boat with long line gear and use their day boat model to bring back hook and line caught black cod, rockfish, petrale sole, ling cod, halibut and skate. 

  • Fish are harvested one at a time and handled individually.
  • Each fish is bled immediately on being landed, and held in an ice & salt water slurry during the (same day) trip back to port.
  • Fish are never frozen prior to processing.
  • All seafood is processed by the same team in their own certified facility.


All portions delivered frozen & vacuum-sealed. 


# servings

Package size

Day Boat Seafood 20 Seven 12-ounce fillets

20 servings at $6.75/serving