The Amelia Box
The Amelia Box
The Amelia Box

The Amelia Box

Amelia's box contains 5-1/2 pounds Pacific cod in 6-ounce portions, plus three 8-ounce packages of cod pieces, for tacos and chowder, or 7-pounds total


Amelia comes from a fishing family who has long known that cod is a delicious, sustainable protein that belongs on US consumers' plates. (Historically, large volumes of cod have been sold abroad, to European consumers.) And so she undertook a complicated journey to find local processing near Seattle, and make her family's wild Alaska line-caught cod available to her young family, and to us!

A kindred spirit with her other foot planted firmly in the ranching world, Amelia spent summers and vacations as a girl, riding on her family's cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon. Which means that she also values responsibly-raised land animals. We’re proud to feature her as a partner in our family of like-minded producers.


Blue North is a Seattle-based, family-owned seafood company that has led sustainable, responsible fishing practices since it began operations in 1983.

Wild Alaska line-caught Pacific cod is one of the most sustainable, responsibly managed fisheries on the planet. Blue North has made it one of the most ethically harvested and safest fisheries with their pioneering Humane Harvest method, which immediately immobilizes the fish at harvest, putting the central nervous system to sleep prior to processing so it feels no pain. The method speaks to the company's respect for the resource, and an understanding of quality and flavor. We all want to feel good about the food we eat.


All portions delivered frozen & vacuum-sealed. 


# servings

Package size

Alaska Cod
18 Fourteen 6-ounce and three 8-ounce packages

18 servings at $7.25/serving