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The Liza Jane Box
The Liza Jane Box

The Liza Jane Box

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Liza Jane’s Box contains 12 servings of Steak Strips and 8 Lady Steaks 

A 4th generation rancher who owns 6 Ranch, Liza Jane’s charm and spirit are contagious. She loves all animals, especially her Corriente cattle, horses and border collies. She stocks a roadside farm stand (payment on the honor system) where passersby can take home some of her veggies, beef or honey. Like Liza Jane, who is resourceful and values health, this box will inspire you to eat well.

Make a gorgeous garden salad from your CSA, garden or farmers market haul. Add Lady Steaks and dinner is served. Or make a stir fry with steak strips, fresh crunchy vegetables and hearty greens.

 All cuts delivered frozen & vacuum-sealed. 


# servings

Package size

Steak Strips 12 6 - 8oz
Lady Steak 8 8 - 4oz


20 servings at $5.95/serving