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Winecup Gamble Ranch

The Winecup Gamble Ranch has been operating in the northeast corner of Nevada since 1868. At 952,000 acres, the sheer magnitude of the ranch is most easily measured—and imagined—in miles: roughly 58 from east to west, and 32 from north to south. The elevation of the terrain ranges from 4700 feet at the valley floor up to 8400 feet, to meet the surrounding mountaintops.

Responsible stewardship of the land is a primary goal at Winecup Gamble. The ranch uses holistic, regenerative land management philosophies, and conscientiously manages its natural resources to produce high quality cattle sustainably while tending to a resilient and biologically diverse landscape.

Thanks to the guidance of a diversified and collaborative management team, the ranch has enjoyed a renaissance and return to its place as one of the last great ranches of the American West, boasting highly respected cattle operations, vast natural resources, big game hunting opportunities, and efforts in habitat conservation.

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