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Pacific Grasslands

Aimee Danch and Jeremiah Stent created their business, Pacific Grasslands, in order to understand and honor the connections between wild open spaces, healthy ecosystems, and agriculture. Prior to 2017, when they joined Carman Ranch, the team acquired more than a decade of experience in the grassfed beef industry. 

Aimee built and managed the ruminant division for California-based Belcampo Meat Company, one of the largest birth-to-market, certified organic, Animal Welfare Approved, grass-finished beef operations in the US. 

Jeremiah was raised and spent most of his life on an 1800-acre working ranch three miles from the ocean on the San Mateo coast of California known today as TomKat Ranch. Having witnessed a shift at TomKat Ranch, from conventional ranching to planned holistic grazing, Jeremiah’s view of land management shifted in such a way that it was impossible to ignore the depth and complexity of the relationships between plants, animals, and the soil. 

Jeremiah, Aimee and their daughter feel fortunate to have joined the community in Wallowa County and to be continuing the work of previous generations, growing grass, soil, and good, clean food.    

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