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Soil Is Life

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At Carman Ranch, we place a huge emphasis on soil. Without healthy soil, all of our efforts are futile. Healthy soil feeds our animals, grows our food and keeps our environment thriving.

With our family of ranches, we have created a sustainable production model that supports this idea. Our model exists outside of the industrial meat system.  We don't think of it as a supply chain because it's a circle, built on relationships. 

These relationships have the power to shift the balance in our community and beyond. We envision sustainability, not scarcity. A shift from unhealthy to thriving, disconnected to fully engaged.  



Soil is the foundation of what we eat.  As we move through the world, it's busy, shifting organic matter like plants, fallen trees, and animals into nutrients that allow it--and us--to thrive.  As crops and animals take the nutrients from the soil to grow and feed us, we must replace them so that the cycle can continue.  

Soil is our most valuable crop.  

Healthy soil ‘pays' us back, not only by producing delicious & nutritious food, but with the capturing of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and placing in it back into the soil.  Carbon in the ground has tremendous water holding properties, helping plants to be more resilient to drought & extreme weather.  Reducing carbon in our atmosphere makes our planet a healthier place, one which supports our very existence.  

Health begets health.  



soil feeds the cow, Carman Ranch

Cattle grazing on the plants rooted in the soil put in place a process of continual soil enrichment. 

The cow’s clipping of the grass stimulates the growth; her hooves break the ground beneath her, allowing water to infiltrate the ground; her urine and waste naturally fertilize and inoculate the land creating greater complexity and diversity of the soil.  

When the cow eats this grass grown in healthy soil, rich in micronutrients & phytochemicals--she is healthy and gains weight easily.  

Beef, like wine which we associate with its “terroir,” gains its flavor & health from the land where the cow grazed.  The soil provides the bounty of richness in our grass-fed beef.


Carman Ranch beef is flavorful, tender & deeply nutritious.  We have taken a modern approach to our product in creating the Lady Steak™; a 4 ounce select cut, to reflect the sustainable notion of eating better and eating less.  One feels satiated with smaller portions & their body feels good too. 

And with Carman Ranch delivering our meat directly to the you, we are able to return a greater percentage of the revenue from the sale of this product directly to the farmer.  With greater revenue paid to the source, more investment is able to be spent on soil health which turns into even greater revenue for the farmer.  

We utilize a recyclable packaging wherever possible and work with local suppliers to continue to expand our circle.

Profits fuel communities, funding schools & small businesses.  And in this circular process, we soon begin to see how the health of our soil creates the foundational support to truly support life--the culture of scarcity, fear and protectiveness that farmers have traditionally felt, begins to dissipate. 


Your purchase of Carman Ranch products makes this critical, circular connection possible.  Because of you, these relationships grow stronger every day.