Pork Chop Bundle (5 pounds)

Pork Chop Bundle (5 pounds)



Each bundle contains a combination of approximately 60% rib chops and 40% loin chops. The 1-inch thick chops are individually packaged.

Carman Ranch pasture-raised hogs are:

  • Heritage breeds, which promote genetic diversity
  • Pastured on alfalfa, clover, triticale, oats, various grasses and roots
  • Fed non-GMO grain raised by a neighboring farm practicing regenerative agriculture
  • Never given hormones, antibiotics, or additives
  • Integral in preparing our pastures for replanting and restoring with their natural rooting activity
  • Raised sustainably as part of the Carman Ranch holistic ranching ecosystem
  • Harvested with care and compassion
  • Delicious, well-marbled with rich, robust flavor and a pleasing texture 

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