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  • Rhubarb Mostarda

    Mostarda is an Italian condiment that’s typically enjoyed with bread or toast, cheese, and cured meats. See additional ideas for serving below.
  • Ginger, Lime and Cilantro Sauce

    This sauce is delicious on many things: slaws, vegetables (steamed, boiled, roasted), cucumbers, grilled or broiled eggplant, rice, tofu, seafood and meat. 
  • Salsa Verde (Italian Parsley Sauce)

    This zippy parsley sauce is found in many cultures, known as salsa verde in Italy, chimichurri in South America, sauce verte in France.

  • Spicy Tahini Sauce

    Creamy, smooth and rich, this sauce is wonderful with vegetables, rice, meat, in wraps and bowls.   Makes about 1/3 cup   1 to 3 teaspoons chili pa...